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Expert Rug Cleaning in Seattle


You invest a lot of time, energy, and money decorating your home. One cost of home décor is your area and oriental rugs, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. These beautiful rugs bring color and personality to whatever room you are furnishing. Many times, they are the central piece in decorating a new room or home. If you care for your rugs, they can last far longer than you would expect. With proper care, repair, and rug cleaning, they will even last decades.

Casual and misinformed rug owners will believe that the price reflects the efficiency and accuracy of rug cleaning. In most scenarios, you’ll send your rug to cleaners that do not know anything about the rug’s origin, material, or fabric content. This is a really bad idea! To protect your investment, it is wise to only send your rug to professionals who know how to wash and clean your rugs. Rug Expo San Diego has rug experts that will properly care for your investments.

Professional Oriental rug cleaning services in San Diego are limited, so be sure to pick the best area rug cleaners to assist you! We take extra time to ensure all dust and grime is removed before carefully and gently washing it by hand.         




we have expert staff members who know all things rug cleaning. Other carpet cleaning services in San Diego would look at one rug just as the same as all others-- and that can lead to disastrous results. Our cleaners inspect and study your rug, verifying its origin for proper care. They consider factors such as fabric, colorfastness, construction, materials, knotting, and more to determine the correct (and safe) cleaning process. They also look for any bleeds, tears, pet stains, and any type of color damage.         



Your rug accumulates dirt and dust from shoes, pets, and sometimes, life just happens. Most crumbs and dirt get rooted into your rug, making it harder to clean. A simple at-home vacuum cleaning will not be enough to pull these out.      



Life is not predictable; it will throw things like kids, pets, shoe traffic, food, and drink spills that will cause your rug to get dirty. Relating back to before, it's not just improper dusting that can harden your rugs; avoiding removing stains immediately can also have this effect. Brushing regularly can help loosen up both the dirt and stains, but often a more thorough cleaning is needed. When our experts start their work, Our rug cleaning staff scrubs your oriental rug and then rinses it gently. We rinse your rug in between every scrubbing in order to remove any remaining dirt and grime.Then, these two steps are repeated AS LONG AS IT TAKES for the rinse water to run clear. The water that comes from an oriental rug we clean is truly a testament to just how much dirt these rugs can hold and how much we remove!         


After gently washing area rugs, we are consistent and remove all the moisture from the rug as quickly as possible. Then we use a roller to squeeze out any of the remaining water and liquid from the rug. Our staff uses an extractor to pull additional moisture out of the rug. Then our rug cleaners brush the rugs to make sure the rug fibers flow in their natural direction. After this, we transport the rug to a dry room where it hangs over rollers.     



After drying, the rug is groomed and fitted to look as new as the day you got it. We trim the rug so there isn't any hanging materials or distorted threads. This ensures that your rug will be left with a smooth surface with clean edges.     



Finally, a finisher machine softens your rug. This gives the rug a nice, clean look that leaves it freshened and renewed.     




Renaissance is committed to providing you the best rug cleaning service for your investment. We care and pamper your investment like it's our own, because we value that you entrusted it to us. Our team will inspect your rug before returning it to ensure it meets our high quality standards.      


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